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10 March – 23 April, 2006


SOUTHFIRST gallery is proud to present IN CONFIDENCE, an exhibition by MAYA SCHINDLER.  The solo show consists of a large-scale text-based installation and is on view from March 10 – April 23. 


Financial calamity and the indifference of a selfish, corrupt elite. The subject of Maya Schindler’s first solo show in New York might suggest a documentary film if it weren’t for the explicit beauty and unsteady poetry of the work. The large-scale text-based installation doesn’t tell us about facts. It lets us know nothing about whether its ultimate meaning is economic or personal and very little about why such phrases function as a policy.  Instead, its vacancy of meaning becomes proof of catastrophe’s heartlessness.


The Great Depression takes a phrase with obvious economic connotations and renders it in a form that can introduce other meanings. This piece is made out of two different colors of plexiglas – white and red. At first, the piece appears white on white, meaning the letters are white against the white wall of the gallery. They are set off from the wall, however, and the side facing the wall is made out of a slightly smaller area of red plexiglass. This creates an effect of red reflection on the white wall, behind the white letters that are in front of the viewer, lending a soft, personal pink haze to the phrase.


Maya Schindler received an MFA from Yale in 2002 and was a Glassell CORE program fellow for 2003-2005. Before coming to the United States she studied art in her native Israel. Her work has been shown at Nicole Klagsburn gallery as a part of “Walls n Things,” curated by Claryssa Dalrymple, and at “The Area Show” at the University of Houston curated by Bill Arning. Solo shows include Total at Angstrom Gallery in Texas and an upcoming show at Anne Helwing Gallery in Los Angeles. She is from Jerusalem and lives and works in Los Angeles. 


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