SOUTHFIRST 60 N6th Street  Brooklyn, NY  11211





MARCH 12  – APRIL 18 , 2004

SOUTHFIRST gallery presents “Dwell Time,” an exhibition by Sean Dack. 

The video (2003), and accompanying production stills (2004) depict a neighborhood which lies along the Long Island Expressway, a seemingly empty industrial environment passed by commuters in cars and illuminated by a video-screen billboard.  Dack’s video feels like a documentary of the smallest nuances of this location, but brings with it a mood from a certain time and situation.


This is the scene you find yourself in, upon entering the gallery. The viewer becomes a part of a mood, a para-urban place existing in the middle of the night.  The nighttime photography Dack uses renders detail so accurately, it seems to surpass hyper-real observation and suggest something romantic: this work speaks to the moment when you are moving through a city in the night, or in a club when you adjust your consciousness and refocus on a familiar setting, where you are alone. 


The soundtrack is the kind of thing you become aware of in these moments: it is the music in your car when you finally notice it, a plaintive and aggressive white noise that you had forgotten about. 


Sean Dack graduated with an MFA from Columbia University School of the Arts in 2002.  He most recently has shown at Corvi-Mora in London. 


The opening reception will be held in collaboration with the Williamsburg Gallery Association, with twenty-nine member galleries in Brooklyn open until midnight on Friday, February 12.


Subway: L train to Bedford Avenue. For more information, please contact Maika and Florian at 718 599 4884 or