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14 November – 21 December, 2003

SOUTHFIRST gallery is proud to present “Boredom with Everyday Life (A Survey of American Life),” a postcard group exhibition curated by Hiroshi Sunairi on view from 14 November– 21 December, 2003.

“This is your life--inescapably helpless, sitting in front of your TV and observing the tired old talking heads running the show of the world.  Like MTV, images of violence spurt through your head in split seconds with doggone righteousness and you start to believe it.  It is easy that way--incredibly secure living with fear and the ultimate comfort of ecstasy in power--cuddling up in your feathered bed and thinking I am really an American.


“Baudrillard said, ‘you are now only a pure screen, a switching center for all the networks of influence.’ On September 11, 2003 at Ground Zero, there was an Arab woman standing with a card that said, ‘No War No Hate’ in front of a flatbed truck with a large, handmade missile.  Written on the missile was ‘Dear Bin Laden, with regards.’ She was surrounded by more than 50 people, woman, men, whites, blacks, and Asians, furiously screaming at her ‘Fuck You.’  There was a punk rock girl with bleached hair and piercings on her lip, with dark, dark eye-liner, pointing at the Arab woman and yelling, ‘What responsibility do you take for more than 2000 people who died here?’ She was a punk rocker, wasn’t she?  Wasn’t punk rock about anti-?  Or was she a punk rocker of bleached spirit.  Hey girl, ‘What responsibility do you take for 125000 people who died in Hiroshima?’


“Slowly yet rapidly, we are becoming the ghosts of a previous generation with slogans on our T-shirts, ‘WE WILL SAVE THE WORLD.’  Where are the hippies, now when you need them? Oh my god!  Another naked girl photographing herself within the infinite universe of her personal life.  Yoga leads to your higher purposes if you split your legs wider.  Conan O’Brien thinks he is a bigger star than Jim Carry.  Sex in the city.  Curb your enthusiasm.  Whatever.


“This is a show of thirty young students examining their daily life--calibrating the zeitgeist of ‘The New American Century.’  Using the postcard format allows us to send our vision of the present to the unknown world of the future.  Please take the ones you like and send them to your friends, presidents or movie stars.”


-Hiroshi Sunairi, NYC, 2003


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