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Halloween Horror Films
Saturday, October 30, 8-10 PM

SOUTHFIRST presents six short low-budget horror films by local artists. At 8 PM on October 30, the Saturday night before Halloween, we’ll screen recent films by Matthew Brannon, KaBoom Press with Dan Torop, Xan Price, Scott Roberts, Noah Sheldon & Roger White, Miss Liz Wendelbo and Lisa Skogh and Monica Hellstrøm.  The program includes the premiere of The Isle of the Dead, Die Toteninsel. We’ll show them again Sunday afternoon at 4PM.  Free.

The program as it will appear:

Scott Roberts
"My Favorite Character is a Wizard"
animation, 2002
length: 4 minutes 45 seconds

“[at] Gencon, the largest gaming convention in the world...we interviewed thirty ‘gamers’ about role-playing, and their favorite characters. This animation brings those idealized alter egos to life.”

Matthew Brannon
“The Unending Horrible,” 2004  
16 mm film, shown here on DVD
length: 4 minutes


“If I miss the previews I feel cheated. If I miss the credits I won't go.

Sometime in the 1980s they started to add previews to rental VHS films. I loved it and I never grabbed the remote to fast-forward through them. If i was with a girlfriend/boyfriend I would always find myself arguing for watching them. A preview is a promotional tool to encourage viewers to attend, rent or buy a film. Most often these are made by manipulative agents of the corporate machine not the auteur/directors. It is very interesting and informative to watch coming attractions of films you are already familiar to see the drastic inappropriate or exaggerated characteristics. The world of the DVD reissues has made this even more accessible. Foreign films will typically have pretentious quotations from critics. Independent films will address film festival awards like name dropping whores. Major studio previews offer the widest breadth. Some are even made years before the release, giving only glimpses of the titles, and actors names. A reminder of the "Hollywood Babylon" style board room recipe films. Voice overs dominate and direct you how to interpret & anticipate your ten plus dollars.  

Credits have a bit of the same suggestion and sensitivity. Opening credits have evolved over the years to play off audiences expectations. 40 years ago most films featured the film's entire credits before any image began and ended simply with the words "The End." A structure was in place. Now in a tired, no longer clever, but still effective gesture films will replace "the end" with the films' title as the first credit shown. The Unending Horrible is a self conscious exploration of this terrain. A ridiculous attempt at balancing sound, image, animation & text for a film that will never be made.  

You don't have to watch the film to know the story. It's about sex, money & power. It's about self destructive impulses & fear. You don't have to watch the film to know the story.”  

by Matthew Brannon October 23rd, 2004


With original music by David Griffen and Noah Sheldon, cinematography by Noah Sheldon, editing and animation by Francis Coy.

Miss Liz Wendelbo, Lisa Skogh and Monica Hellstrøm
“The Isle of the Dead, Die Toteninsel”
Super 8 Black and White, on DVD NTSC, 2004
length: 10 minutes 32 secs

Shot in stark super 8 black and white, this tale of minimal horror features the filmmakers as she-vampires. Posing as scientists, they hunt young men's virgin flesh to satisfy their eternal hunger. Their thirst for blood transforms them into jet-setting femme fatales, who leave a trail of dead bodies and gore wherever they go. Haunting analog noise soundtrack by Andrew Giles and Sean McBride. With Michael McCrory, Clay Lacefield, Rosa Pollack, and graphic design by Hanna Johannson. Thanks to Anna Lundh, Xan Price and David Insley.

Xan Price
“Friend of Oo”
DV on DVD NTSC, 2004
length: 4 minutes

One cat’s dream...

KaBoom Press
“The Baxters: A Psychedelic Cop Family Horror”
Mini DV on DVD
length: 22 min, 2004

A trash-horror flick based on the novel by KaBoom Press.  The summer offering by their “movie of the month collective” featuring zombie cops and a family of witches; this cut was created by director and cinematographer Dan Torop.  Music by Dennis Acupolco and Clay Lacefield. Edited by Pretzel World. Costumes by Tyson Reeder. Cast: Tyson Reeder, Inju Kaboom, Nouri Zander, Mike Carpio, Steve Schmitz and Patrik Graham, with additional performances by Eden Gauteron, Robin Martin, Paul Galdames, Clay Lacefield and Josh Weinstein.

Noah Sheldon & Roger White
“How I became a Vampire, by Marco 5C”
animation and mini DV on DVD NTSC
length: aprox. 4 min, 2004

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