SOUTHFIRST 60 N6th Street  Brooklyn, NY  11211     ph 718 599 4884





29 November - 22 December, 2013


SOUTHFIRST has been open nearly continuously for over thirteen years. We are literally

taking inventory. Our storage needs to be checked over and we will try to place inactive

works. We will, as we are taking stock, put things on rotating view and keep normal gallery

 hours on view from 29 November - 22 December, 2013.


If you lent us work and then changed your address, bought work and never picked it up,

or always wondered what we had in stock, now would be a great time to drop by.  


SOUTHFIRST, founded in 2000, is located at 60 N6th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

between Wythe and Kent Avenues. Gallery hours are Saturday and Sunday from 1-6 PM

and by appointment. Subway: L train to Bedford Avenue.  For more information, please

contact Maika Pollack at 718 599 4884 or